Corporate Legal Representation

Founded in 2011, Marderosian Law LLC is the product of years of experience from attorneys whose passion for the law and compassion for others compelled them to pursue a means of legal representation that shifts the focus from billable time to quality results.

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Steven A. Marderosian, Attorney

Mr. Marderosian has a decade and a half of general counsel experience representing business owners and officers, entrepreneurs, insurers, professional service providers, and other individuals and entities in a vast array of areas. He focuses his practice on advising clients in business, commercial, indemnity, insurance, and other matters including:

  • Entity formation and maintenance
  • Business and commercial contracting
  • Risk management and litigation avoidance
  • Insurance coverage including review and evaluation
  • Alternative dispute resolution and commercial litigation
  • Title litigation including competing lien priority
  • Business consulting and assistance